Courses Available

We offer several courses at various times of the year that are timed to coincide with continuing education deadlines for Illinois appraisers.  Not all of these courses are available all the time, so please check our Upcoming Courses list which will always show you what is currently available.

Appraising for Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

Newly updated with current 2017 Fannie and Freddie regulations and guidelines. There is a special emphasis on Collateral Underwriter guidelines. Recommended addenda and best practices will be discussed.

Appraising for Relocation Companies

This class will teach the current ERC form. This class is intended to better enable both new and experienced appraisers to profit from performing relocation appraisals. In addition to reviewing the key concepts (e.g. anticipated sales price, forecasting), this course includes a detailed case study example.

FHA Appraisal Assignments

The primary source for FHA rules ins Handbook 4000.1.  This handbook was just re-issued on December 30, 2016, and this course contains updates contained in this current version of the Handbook.  It also includes information for completing USDA Rural Development appraisals.

Best Practices

This course was inspired by my work on the Illinois Appraisal Board. It includes my thoughts for “best practices” in various aspects of appraisal work. Among others, it includes the following topic areas: Defining market segments, identifying and analyzing market trends, reconciling appraised values with prior sales, comparable selection and adjustment.

7hr National USPAP Update Course 2018-19

We teach the official Appraisal Foundation 7 hour USPAP Update Course, under a license agreement with the Appraisal Foundation.  We have found this course superior to most of the “equivalent” courses sometimes offered.  Illinois appraisers are required to complete the USPAP Update Course by June 30 of even-numbered years.  USPAP 2018-2019 will become available in the Fall of 2017 (with an effective date of January 1, 2018).  As soon as the course becomes available, we will begin to schedule course offerings.

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